Friday, December 13, 2013
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Samsung Galaxy S4 / LG Optimus G Giveaway! International! [ENDED]

Samsung Galaxy S4 / LG Optimus G Giveaway! International! [ENDED]

As promised, we just finished announcing the Galaxy S3/Note 2 winners (early because of decline).

Congratulations to the winners!

We are going to give away the following:

  • 1x Samsung Galaxy S4 (Octa).
  • 1x LG Optimus G.

The giveaway will end once the Samsung Galaxy S4 sales begin in Qatar, the set max date is 30 April.

We will be using a new form of giveaway management this time to make it easier to join and participate, and much safer so we don’t miss valid entries.

The winners are: Mahmoud Hassan – Samsung Galaxy S4. (Twitter Follow Entry) Jhon Deyes – LG Optimus G – (Email Entry) Both winners were e-mailed and we will ship the items ASAP. Everyone else, we are doing one more Samsung Galaxy S4 giveaway this month, we will be giving away 3 of them, so be patient, and enjoy our free apps on Sisko Tech!

  • Edward Eatman

    I consider myself a cutting edge technology junkie, but can not always afford the items. I am also always very grateful for others generosity. Thank you.

    • SiskoNetwork

      Congratulations for winning the Samsung Galaxy Note 2!
      Goodluck for a chance to win an amazing phone to go with that phablet :)

      • Dilip Roy

        According to giveaway rule he had to comment atleast 4 blog comment but he didn’t,still winner!!!!! amazing!!

        • SiskoNetwork

          I did spot that, he commented really early before we introduced the rule.

          So it was only fair to count him in.

          • Dilip Roy

            This is called luck.Anyway best of luck to you & your blog.Thank you……………………..

      • Edward Eatman

        Thank you again, very much. Good luck to all the entries.

  • Kenzii Jade

    Ah, well for the same reasons stated in the previous contest, I am a huge Samsung fan :) These phones would also be a huge help in my studies. If I won, I would be able to work even harder towards my dreams. I am also a huge media person, so having a phone great with media would change my daily life in such a positive manner. LG and Samsung are both great, while I prefer Samsung, thank you for the amazing giveaways. I’m really looking forward to this one. Maybe luck will be on my side this time. Maybe a late birthday present.. My birthday is on Saturday haha so very late. :) but, anyways. Thank you for the great website, and the also great giveaway.

  • Balestica

    i’d like to win because another galaxy S family are awesome so the s4 im sure it will be very very very awesome

  • CA Nikhil D’Souza

    LG Optmius G. I have owned LG phones before and I like them :)

  • Adil Farooq

    Yes i want to win because of the reason that i can’t afford these phones and i never have any of these phones i always read so much about them on the internet and want to use one so for me its either Samsung or LG both will be great and hope to win… Its an equal opportunity for everyone now only the luck matters i hope i will win one. Thanks for it :)

  • Laura Carneiro de Azevedo

    Well, I want to win cause i really like these phones, and in brazil it is soooooo expensive!

  • James Semaj

    I love Samsung smartphones because of the powerful hardware, camera, well designed features and multimedia capabilities. It would be a wonderful upgrade as my current phone is crashing on me and slowing down. Thanks in advance for including me in the giveaway.

  • Kvks Kumar

    galaxy s4

  • ‘Nikita Chavan’

    ya it will make my bday

  • Jeffrey Wright

    The S4 is gonna change the world

  • Adam Murphy

    I never own a phone, so I need this phone so bad.

  • Abdullah Khan

    Why Not Should i wish to win it :D

    its a priceless gift :)

    would love to have it

  • Gracie Josephine

    I want to win because quite frankly this will be too expensive for me to afford

  • Anwar Khan

    I think i should win because my Samsung Captivate is over 3 years old and it sucksss now even with all the dev support it has on XDA. I hope i win so i can upgrade to a better device! thanks for the giveaway!

  • manu

    thanks for this giveaway. hope i could win

  • Edward Eatman

    i would love to win either of these. hope my luck continues. thanks again.

  • Sérgio Santos

    I want a galaxy s4 because is an awesome phone!!

  • Miso Park

    Gees the new galaxy would be expensive…
    although i’m going to get one anyway

  • Goran Palásti

    I’d love to win the S4. I’m so crazy about this phone that I already forgot if I entered this contest. So pretty please – pick me – before I get Alzheimer’s! ;))

  • Lacers522

    Although I love Samsung, I have a Stratosphere that has been replaced several times. I’ve had nothing but problems since I got it. Time to move on to a much better Samsung phone.

    • SiskoNetwork

      Low – Mid range Samsung phones are terrible ;)
      Stick to the high end.

      We wish you goodluck!

      • Lacers522

        Thanks! I need some good luck my way :)

  • Yowan Rdotexe

    Count me in! Love the GS4!

  • Vaibhav Srivastava

    I would like to win galaxy s4 because is an awesome phone!!

  • melan26

    I don’t like the battery life of my current phone.

  • ღ тαємιη ღ

    I would like to win this contest because Samsung and Lg are such an innovative companies, with great phones. I type and use a lot of things on my phone that would be best with a bigger screen… My phone is also glitchy and almost broken (doesn’t like to charge!) I’d really love to win this phone :)

  • Neil T

    If I won I’d like the Samsung Galaxy S4. :)

  • Pedro Galvão

    Because my cellphone is really bad!

  • Hani Zureikat

    To replace my non-smart phone with the best out there.

  • Safwan Khatri

    currently using s3 so now i want to change it

  • Charlie Miliner

    I have the S3 and love it! I would love to upgrade to the S4!

  • Andria R

    Because my phone is ancient.

  • Nasir Ali Khan

    I wanna win Because I love SAMSUNG!

  • MrVelveteen

    My Samsung Galaxy Captivate recently died….so its time!!!

  • Irene Wpg

    I have NO cell phone …. that’s the main reason I would want to win it. (Plus I have heard good things about it.)

  • Lorie Gel Ferrer

    I badly needed a new phone! :)

  • Deena Vanbergen

    I’d love to win, because I don’t have one!

  • megan blumenthal

    My old PHONE SUCKS!!! I would love to get a new hip phone like the S4!! Thanks

  • Doris Calvert

    I need a new phone mine does not even have a camera

  • Craig W

    I want the latest and greatest phone!

  • Andrew Chia Hao Feng

    To replace my current S3 .

  • Marion Joan Helsdon

    Great Giveaways Love to Win!!

  • Stacey Croxen

    Have the s3 it’s the best on the market if the s4 is better then i gotta have it and see for myself

  • Aaron Matteson

    Lost a smartphone before. This would be really nice to organize my life.

  • Laurie Damrose

    Both are great brands ,which I have had phones,so I would be very happy to win.

  • Todd Hochman

    i want to win because i think this phone rocks

  • Amy Martin

    I want to win so my son can have a WiFi device

  •Владимир-Медведев/100002382808442 Владимир Медведев

    I’m keen of new top Smartphones!

  • Debbie Fitcher

    Because I don’t have one

  • Ruby

    Cos I still don’t have a smartphone. Still using my old phone.

  • Rodney Stone

    Because i don’t have a smart phone, this would be my first!

  • Michael Murray

    I would love to win one because I need to upgrade and being retired really cannot afford to.

  • Katrina Clements

    I would love to win one as I don’t have a smart phone and mine is like a dinosaur

  • Claudine

    I have always wanted a Samsung Galaxy phone. Unfortunately, it’s too expensive for a mother of four. So I figured, why not try my luck and win one for myself instead? Thanks for this giveaway, by the way.

  • Maegan Morin

    I would like to win because I LOVE Samsung! They are my favorite brand and I have been covetting the S4 ever since I heard it was being released!

  • Terri

    I have wanted a samsung galaxy s4! Keeping my fingers crossed…

  • Judy Thomas

    My old phone is falling to pieces.Good phone but I dropped it :(

  • candess phillips

    I want to win because I am without a phone and want to have a smartphone to replace my nothing.

  • Manuel Vizcaya

    winning is cheaper than buying

  • Fern Tan

    I wish to replace my current smartphone

  • Armeil Adielfino

    Because I love Samsung and Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best smart phone in the world :D

  • Reed Marshall

    because its the latest & greatest, I hate to be left behind!

  • Sean Cuthill

    I have had the same Motorola flip phone for five years. Winning this would put me on par with my yournger sister.

  • Jim Lipscomb

    I have a Samsung phone, so learning to use these would be a snap

  • Car Mas

    I want to win so that I can finally own a smartphone

  • Deny Kurniawan

    I will gave it the phone to my wife to support on her online shop!

  • Sam Nicko

    i would love to win so i can share the Samsung Galaxy S4 / LG Optimus G among my families, friends, and people/community around me about the Good’s and The Bad’s this product. nonetheless to be envy to all my families and friends for Winning this awesome product, thanks to for having this AWESOME Giveaway.

  • Royal Delinquent

    I´d like to win this to surprize my Goddess (my wife) with a big “thank you” for everything she does for me. She desrves it.

  • Nancy Munson

    would love on, my phone is old school

  • Antonio Iacobone

    I don’t have an updated smartphone and this one is the BEST you can find on the market today! It’s awesome!

  • Michele Mascia

    I need a new smartphone

  • Chris Knopff

    I need to replace the already outdated HTC I own. With no support for anything but HTC One. I’m certainly annoyed by the lack of support for the older devices. To have something that’ll at least have something update-able by the manufacturer…. And of course a bigger screen. Perhaps something every once in awhile I can load a game for my daughter to play while we’re on the road.

  • John Agwazim

    I want to win because these two phones are great phones and I don`t have such phone at the moment. Thanks and thumbs up.

  • Endless Summer

    I want to win because I need a new phone!

  • Patrycja Chudziak

    I want to win because my son dropped my phone in the dog’s water bowl and I have been phoneless since

  • April Davis

    I would simply like to update my phone.

  • Josie

    need to win this! My cell phone is crap! It’s so old there isn’t even an option to connect to internet!

  • Rusu Alexandru

    I want to win because i like Samsung Phones.

  • Chris Trak

    That’s east….My smart phone got stolen and now I’m using a ‘ol flip phone……besides all the tv’s in my house are Samsung………..a Big, Big Fan !!!

  • Peter P.

    I want to win it for my sister-in-law. She just split from her husband, and he is being a real tool about giving access to any of her stuff.

  • Jek Letana

    I’d like to win because I’d like to personally witness and benefit from today’s mobile technology. I’d like to see how such technology would bring about a difference in my lifestyle and that of the people around me. I currently own a GSM phone and I haven’t bought a replacement for it because if given the chance to own a new phone, I’d like it to be the best – and that’s what I think of the products above.

  • Alexander Belkov

    I have no smartphone

  • jen

    because u need a new phone

  • Jean Cuillerier

    i’m a big samsung fan …love the galaxy and i desperatly need one my s3 got stolen!

  • ThanhThao

    I could use a new phone

  • Debbie Petch

    These are amazing machines and I would love to win them. Thanks

  • Bjørnar Berntsen

    i need a new phone :)

  • Chona Gomba

    I want to win because I need a new phone

  • Sherwin Trinidad Ramos

    I wan to win because I have never owned a Samsung smartphone and I am very sure this one will be put into very good use and to the maximum of its capabilities =)

  • LoopSet CriTical

    the phone is cool………

  • Yasaman Esfahani

    I dont have a cellphone right now, so it will be great for me, specially since i started university

  • Angela Yer

    I would love to win! I am in need for an upgrade and I would love to have a Samsung.

  • Shivam Chawla

    Lovely Phone…Really want to win this…

  • Jenessa V Citizen

    I need a new phone asap.. and I have always had galaxy phones…

  • blackwolf

    I could use a new phone :p

  • Elena Vo

    I want to win this for my mom to give it to her on Mother’s Day.

  • Myrna

    It never hurts to have a new phone, and I love Samsung phones.

  • Laura

    My boyfriend wants the samsung galaxy and his birthday is coming up, so it would be a perfect present especially since im kind of broke right now . I hope i win i never have any luck with these :D

  • Sandy Cain

    I want to win because my brother took my laptop before I even plugged it in.

  • Sue Barney

    I would Love to win because my old phone finally died on me so for the time being I am phoneless. I would be sincerely thrilled to win a Great phone Thx for the chance :)

  • Tamar

    A better giveaway widget is Give it a try :)

    p.s. I have no relationship to it; I just have experience with online giveaways.

  • Sandy Jean

    I’d love to win this so that I have it to use for home and work.

  • Jasmin

    I’d love to have Samsung Galaxy S4 as my first phone!

    • Jasmin

      I really do hope I win :) im so glad that i found this site!!!

  • Kathrine Maranda

    It would be really great if Samsung Galaxy S4 or LG Optimus will be my newest phone for it both have amazing phone qualities and upgraded technology!

  • Nena Sinclair

    My phone is a dinosaur, it’s definitely not a smartphone, more like a dumb one! Lol

  • Renee’ Harris

    I would love to win the Samsung Galaxy S4 to replace the feature phone I’ve had for years now.

  • Cynthia Conley

    I’d like to win for my son who is having trouble with his current phone.

  • sangamangi

    It about time I changed my phone. and this one looks gorgeous…..

  • Amanda Marie Roach

    because my phone is takinga crap on me.

  • Timothy Lorenz C. Te-Kingsit

    I would love to win! I love LG and Samsung, have used both brands in the past and would like to try their latest smart phones.

  • dan valentin

    I don’t own a smartphone. It’s time to change my ancient phone. Winning is fun!!!

  • Timothy Xavier Te

    Here’s my comment. Where’s my phone ? <3

  • mckim

    My phone is a 6 year old flip phone – need I say more??

  • babymharz

    I want to win coz I don’t own any smartphone

  • Raine Zamoras

    Samsung is the new KING : ) of Smart Phones

  • Nadine E Larsen

    I would love to win because I am sick of my old, slow pc (which I am this close to chucking out a window)

  • Francesco

    I want to win because I always see people playing games and doing things with their super-smart-phones; everytime I discover a new game I am super excited but it REGULARLY tells me that it requires a newer version than my 2.1 Android! Is there a better choice than the newest, most esclusive and maybe BEST phone of the moment? ;)

  • Dina J Lindquist

    I would love to win a Samsung Galaxy S4 because it has a phenomenal SuperAMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 13 MP camera and it’s just one of the best smartphones out right now!

  • peppe

    It’s a fantastic smartphone!

  • Linda Knight

    Love Samsung

  • Nicole S

    I just need a new phone. No sob stories, just the truth.

  • Sara Graff

    Need it for my kids to do homework

  • George Leung

    i want to win samsung…hoping to have this phone.

  • lykerz

    TBH, I love LG’s wide range of phones, especially the Optimus series. My current phone is an LG, and it’s the first android phone that I have. So I’d be a really happy girl if I win these.

  • Jmar Po

    I want to win because I only have a cheap android phone and I want to have smartphone which is faster and better!

  • Tracy

    I have been phone-less for about a week now. My children were playing tug-o-war over my BRAND NEW phone and cracked the screen. Since I have a no contract plan, I’m out of luck on getting a replacement. Since this wasn’t a store malfunction, I also can’t return it. I desperately need a new phone now and don’t have the funds to buy myself a new one. I will be without a phone (my only outside line of communication; we have no home phone) either until I can save the money to get a new one, or I am lucky enough to win a new one.

  • Remedios Ventura

    I’d love to have the LG Optimus G!

  • Rachel Anderson

    Why do I want to win? Well, I’ve been stuck with my LG Chocolate phone since 2007. My life has sort of shifted to where there’s a lot going on and a lot going to happen, so I believe either of these phones will be a tremendous help in keeping everything organized and convenient.

  • Brandi Price

    I love having the coolest new phones!

  • Pham Duc Anh Tran

    I am a fan of Samsung. I used to own the SS3 but I lost it last month, and now I have to use a nokia 1280 from my father.

    A smartphone can help me a lot in my studying as well as relax.
    I really love to win an SS4 :)

  • Janine McNally Sweeps

    I would love to win because my phone is an outdated tracfone. I would love to be able to upgrade!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carmen peterson

    I could use a new phone. Mine is two years old!

  • Kyaw

    I always want to win cos I don’t own a smart phone

  • robert raimondi

    sometimes things get rough, though I am blessed to be born where I am and there are other less fortunate, SOMETIMES even having the chance at winning something so amazing is a bit uplifting :)

  • Valerie Lemoine

    I love samsung and I think they make great product better than apple or sony. I also love having the latest gadget.

  • Michael Joshua Pabia

    First, I need a faster phone since my old Motorola XT 720 with its 800mhz processor is really slow for today’s applications. It also have from dead pixels now :( Really need a good replacement. Thanks for the chance!

  • Tiago Filipe Fonseca

    Becasie s4 is god

  • Mihaela Druga

    I want to win because I want to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S Plus.

  • Kari

    I want to win because I need a new phone badly. My htc EVO is not performing well for me at all.

  • Raquel Mesquita

    WHY?? Come on!!! LG and Samsung are FABULOUS!!! That is reason enough to want to win this competition!!!! ;)

  • Shani F.

    I want to win because I need a new phone.

  • Colin M.

    My wife’s phone broke and so I gave her mine. I would love to win this so that she can have a good quality phone.

  • Victoria Bryan

    I want to win because I need a new phone,and I love Samsung products.

  • becky sessa

    bc i love to win!

  • Wienna Lee

    My phone looks like an antique, I could really use a new one! :)

  • Gwendelyn Cummins

    I want to win because I need a new phone and I’m broke!

  • Susan Smith

    I’d love to win because I don’t have a Smartphone

  • Ivan92116

    because I want the latest and greatest

  • Shani

    I already have a galaxy mini, but I think it is time to replace it.I love LG and Samsung as a brand for a cellphone.Decided to give it a shot, neer know that I could win a beautiful cellphone!It surely would be easier on my fingers too, I have arthritis and a lot of nerve pain.This phone will be a lot bigger than the Galaxy mini that I have.Way better!

  • Shlick Ista

    Samsung is <3

  • Atreau

    I’d love to win because I love samsung products!

  • Roxann

    I want to win because my phone is dying and I need a new one.

  • ertjie

    So that I can be a trendsetter with this trendy device

  • Samii meyer

    Because I really need a new phone and I just have not been able to save the money for one

  • Amit Jain

    i want to win because my phone needs an upgrade and what better phone is out there than the galaxy s4

  • Joseph Gersch Jr.

    i want to win because i need a new cool phone

  • Ramasamy Ilangovan

    I want to win because I don’t have a phone.

  • Kenzii Jade

    Good luck everyone with 1 day left :)
    We all have our different reasons for wanting these phones, so to everyone – good luck!

  • Kimberly B

    I’d like to win because I really could use a new cell phone and either one of these two are awesome!

  • Thomas Chappell

    I am in need of a new phone badly

  • Jeffrey Wright

    The S4 would be nice but I would love the Optimus G sweet phone

  • ♔✿Raphiee Horan✿♔

    I want to win because Samsung & LG are known to provide the people a high quality & outstanding phones & products worldwide and definitely Im one of those people who are wishing to have a smartphone from the two said providers for free because due to social status I cant simply avail any of them. :))

  • Vialli Muhammad Faijar

    Samsung Galaxy s4

  • Bella Taul

    I would love to win this Samsung Galaxy 4 because I do not have a phone right now. I know, I know. Who doesn’t have a phone!? My old phone was a Samsung Galaxy and I loved it but I had it for quite a while and it ended up dysfunctional. I have not been able to get a new one due to other expenses like bills and groceries. My poor fiance has an old and tiny phone that desperately needs upgrading. This would be such a blessing! Thank you so much. I am loving this site, by the way.

  • Jessi

    I would love to win this because Samsung is a wonderful company that makes quality products. I would be happy to own anything from them!

  • Melissa Allen Smith

    I would love to win this!!

  • Valerie Comito

    i need a new kids cracked my screen and their father has promised to buy me a new phone since my birthday in november, then it was Christmas, then it was in january and lo and behold i never got the phone.. he has the samsung galaxy 3 and im jealous!!

  • zbad1

    I need a phone that does it all I think Samsung is great, I own one of their TV’s, would not use any other.

  • Lean Airo Silud Loking

    Who doesn’t want a new phone?

  • Genalyn Omabtang

    I would love to win to give it as a gift for my husband and he loves Samsung phone. ^_^

  • Eleanor Cooper

    I really need a new phone…maybe for Mother’s Day? Mine won’t hold a charge any more.

  • Jeana O’donnell-Murphy

    We have a Samsung smart flat screen Led LCd and love it- so we need a good smart phone

  • jennifer nixon

    I’d like to win this for my mom. I think she totally deserves an awesome new smart phone.

  • becky pritchett

    i want to win because i need a new phone.and I’ve never won anything before and i love this phone, plus i use my moms computer and wining this phone would free up her com. some.