Friday, December 13, 2013
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Samsung Galaxy Note III and Galaxy Gear Giveaway!

Samsung Galaxy Note III and Galaxy Gear Giveaway!

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  • Pedro Galvão

    Note III

  • Daniel Eluvathingal

    definitely the note 3,because i love the note series because of its awesome size.

  • Cates Dajao

    Its better than Note 2!!

  • meutia nuraini

    Aww, great giveaway :)
    Samsung galaxy note III :3

  • j4m3z

    I want the Note III because its display, features and hardware are awesome.

  • Aaron Arguelles

    I want the Galaxy Note III. It will have amazing features for sure.

  • Abderrahmane Zerifi

    the new galaxy gear, because it’s new.

  • flashlightbuff

    All samsung products are awesome, thats why i want one!

  • Milica Kuvalja

    This would be my first smartphone or a tablet. Great thing is that the Note 3 is a combination of both and it would be of great help to my university projects. Many thx for this giveaway

  • Jaffer Al-Ghazwi

    Note 3
    because I need an excellent phone to replace my old one

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    Note 3 coz it would be the best phone in the market & i want to replace my old Nokia2700 phone as i can’t afford to buy a new phone so it would be my dream come true if i won this competion

  • blueeyeleo

    Note 3 since it is both a phone plus a tablet more or less

  • Deborah Curran

    I’m not sure – would love a Note 3 but don’t know what the galaxy gear consists of…

  • JimLimProject

    The Note III, because I have no tablet.

  • SContrerasMer

    The Note III, because my phone sucks

  • Dee Adams

    The NoTe 3 because my cell (the Attrix) is old-as-dirt!

  • Toufic Yammine

    The Note 3 because it is simply the best phone and tablet(phablet) ever !!!

  • Joshua Immanuel

    The Note 3 Because I’m OBSESSED with Samsung and also an ANDROID Lover :)

  • chanchal

    the note 3 because of 2.3 ghz processor and the ultimate 3 GB RAM

  • Samer Habeel

    Definitely the Note 3. It’s an unrivaled powerhouse that will be able to satisfy my Tech desires.

  • Joe E.

    Galaxy note 3 because of the monster specs! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  • Prathvi S Shetty

    no plastic only awesome leather. note 33333333333333333333

  • Nikola Todorić

    Note III. It is better

  • Mile Zec

    Note III is the best

  • Dragana Todoric

    Galaxy Note III. Great features

  • Stoja Todorić

    Note III. Only the best

  • Jon youqiang

    Note 3=beast

  • Selwyn Lim

    I would want to have the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as the device will make me more productive.

  • Antonio Iacobone

    Note III because it’s powerful!

  • BillJude56

    I want the device with a 2.3 ghz processor, 3 GB RAM, and a beautiful screen, not a novelty item.

  • Lorie Gel Ferrer

    note 3! I need a new phone. powerful and fast :)

  • Yong C

    Galaxy Note III. I like the multitasking and S Pen features.

  • anne_c

    The Note III. I love these tech items that give so much bang for the buck.

  • Jagman9

    nice prize!

  • michael joshua pabia

    Well, I just need a new phone!

  • kw

    Definitely the Note III – I need a new tablet

  • isterico89

    I want what is possible. And 2 are all excellent products, the best technology on the market.

  • kortney

    Note 3! I need a tablet

  • j4ck86

    I’d like the Note 3 because a tablet is more useful for me instead of a smartwatch with its tiny display

  • EnricaArrigo

    Note 3! I need a tablet

  • mauro

    Note 3 because for me is more useful

  • Nikita Chavan

    bcoz it is such an awesome phone with great features and will really help me and also coz i cant afford it winning it would be great

  • peppe

    I would prefer the Galaxy Note III for the excellent specs, and sincerely I don’t like the Gear at all ;)

  • luigi s.

    I would prefer “Galaxy Note III”

  • Patrick Siu

    Samsung Galaxy Note III

  • Becky Richied

    I’d love to have the note III, I have been waiting and waiting for a nice reasonable deal on the Note II, so long that now the 3 is out…I just love Samsung products. I also like to put this BB Storm to rest peacefully. This mama needs some good tech at her fingertips :)

  • eva starz

    Samsung Galaxy Note III

  • miky_zaffa

    Note III because i need a new smartphone!!!! =P

  • Clayton Chabannes

    note III because I need a smartphone upgrade and it is one of the best on the market

  • Shawna Elkins

    The Samsung Galaxy Note III because I am in love with them!

  • Scott Trobaugh

    Both! But, if i was forced to pick one i would have to say the Note III its much better than my current phone :-)

  • pkansa

    I want the Gear the most, as I consider myself a bit of a watch guy. Then again, I’d need the Note to take advantage of the functionality…

  • Debra L Giordano

    would love the note as I really want a Samsung Tablet and it looks like it would be awesome!

  • micaelac

    I like the Note 3 because need a new good tablet

  • Silvia

    note 3 for sure

  • Claudio

    Note III, i need a tablet!

  • Giuseppe

    Note III, i want to donate it to my son

  • Carmela

    the Note III to make a gift to my son


    Note III because i need a new smartphone!

  • pawan

    First of all thank you for such gud offer . I am not being able to buy a phone for myself but I am in a great need of it . so please I request you to give it to me

  • Jaylon JJ Allen

    can i get titanium blue?

  • mostafa

    I want the note 3 because i need an upgrade i have an old flip phone.

  • Trufin Razvan

    The Note 3. I think it is unusual for someone to talk with his/her watch.

  • tweetyscute

    I love the idea of the galaxy gear but since I am not a samsung owner yet I would love the Note

  • James Chester Anders

    The Note III. I think it would be a brilliant replacement for my phone and I don’t know that I’m ready to replace my phone with a watch.

  • Sean Ang

    I want the Note 3 the most as I need a replacement.

  • Simo

    The note III, I need a useful thing :P

  • Katie

    I prefer the galaxy 3 because of the camera mega pixels, since the size didn’t increase much from the note 2, and how it is designed in the back. =)

  • Brianne Armstrong

    Note III, hubs needs a new Note! :)

  • LE TK

    Note III, good design and good performance

  • MH Chua

    I wan the Note 3 most as it is something I wanted.

  • Mahesh Kumar

    I want Note 3 more because its has more practical use for me compared to galaxy gear.

  • Tiffany Walker

    I’d want the Note III, i have been eyeing it for some time. ;)

  • temasek2005

    I want the Note 3 because it is an awesome phone.

  • sachin goral

    I want Note III the most cause I’ll have my Note III always in my hand to see the notifications on the big screen rather than the smart watch. Although I like the idea of using smart watch while I’m travelling…

  • Benjamin Enos

    Note III simply because I don’t like watches.

  • Donnie Cash

    I would choose the Galaxy Gear, to be the first to have a smart watch. Hehe

  • Derrick Johnson

    Would love to have the Galaxy Gear smart watch because I DON’T HAVE ONE!

  • iakadl

    I prefer the Galaxy Note III to the Galaxy Gear because it looks more stylish and suitable for females! The phone looks amazing and the software features seem really innovative and practical. The smart watch is an interesting idea but I’d prefer to look at my phone than my wrist.

  • angie

    I prefer the Galaxi note 3 because I like that kind of samsung’s phone, stylish and big, even if not really pratical.

  • Car Mas

    If I had to choose between the Galaxy Note III and the Galaxy Gear I would pick the first. But why should I only pick one of the two, right?

  • AKAOx

    Galaxy Note III of course.. The note taking and drawing ability is amazing.. Thank you guys for the chance at one..

  • Maria Pasha

    Galaxy Note III will be my choice.

  • Anindito Suangga Mangawe

    The most I want is got to be the Galaxy Note III , because it is simply one of the best smartphone in the market right now, it beats iPhone by far.

  • Oliver Wiegand

    Thank you for nice giveaway :D

  • Daniel Gosk

    Note III for excellent performance.

  • zerovibisibility

    Galaxy Note III because of its quality and performance

  • Xiao Bid

    I want the galaxy note 3 the most because it is an awesome phone and a good replacement for my current phone.

  • Kristi Brandon McDowell

    I want the galaxy note 3 what an awesome phone!

  • tammie wertman

    would love to have the Galaxy note lll phone!

  • julie

    i’d love to have the galaxy note 3 phone it’s awesome and blows my current piece of trash phone out of the water

  • Kristin Gilbert

    The galaxy note because my phone is windows and I don’t like that

  • Sonja

    Galaxy Note III

  • Jens Ken Lundstrom

    The GalaxyIII because I heard a lot of nice things about it!
    Anyway!I cross my fingers!
    thank you for inviting me to tour beautiful giveway!

  • Joana Nascimento

    Galaxy note lll

  • Chiara Pejrani

    thank you for the giveaway|

  • Tania
  • shandie

    for me, its galaxy note III. because i’d rather choose big screen so i can everything big although small screen is more practical especially when going out.

  • shandie

    for me, its galaxy note III. because i’d rather choose big screen so i can everything big although small screen is more practical especially when going out.

  • Claire Santiago

    Note 3 it’s the most powerful as of today

  • Novem

    I love the Galaxy Note III, it’s awesome. Cool features. :)

  • Allie Kay

    I’d love the Galaxy Note III because it has amazing features.

  • kathy clark

    Me Win? that would Not be Possible!

  • Mohamed Harb

    I’d like the Galaxy Note 3 because it’s more powerful and I dont have usage for the gear

  • Remedios Ventura

    I really wanna have the Note III because it’s one of the coolest phones today :)

  • Jake B

    Galaxy Note III would be awesome!

  • Jerome

    I would really like a Note 3 and the gear probably won’t work on my phone.

  • Nancy

    The Galaxy Gear becomes it looks really awesome and unique.

  • Sam Nicko

    Samsung Galaxy NOTE III, beautiful sharp display!

  • Robin

    I have the Galaxy Note II so the Galaxy Gear would be awesome

  • Dave

    Note III, as a little bro to my Note 8. Thanks!

  • Michelle Washburn

    I love all things Samsubg

  • Nihar Jadhav Yashwantrao

    ill like to have the note 3 than the gear because gear cant give me the things that the note 3 can give me but the gear is also awesome no one competes samsung and the another is sisko thank u guys
    this is my first time entering in a give away so pls i wanna win
    thnk u

  • harsha

    i want both because i never had anything like this

  • Amaan

    Galaxy note 3
    If possible i like to have both

  • Wendy Collard

    I would love to own a smartphone for the first time in my life! I know I know sad isn’t it? (cue the sad music!) But i’ve had to make do with cheaper basic phones. I like to read up on the latest available ones out there, at least give the impression i’m knowledgeable and modern! Would love to try the Galaxy Note III – Multi-Window, S Pen, Android 4.3 (I could go on) are all features I would love to bite my teeth into!

  • Katie Fought

    The note. My father in law desperately needs a new phone and has had his eye on this one for a while!

  • Lucely

    I want the Galaxy Note III! I’m a college student and I need a smart phone! I’m not currently working because I’m focusing on my studies. But if I win the Note III it would help me on my school stuff. Thank you for doing this giveaway and giving us a chance to win this wonderful phone!

  • Back2war

    Note 3 is a much better choice due to display and battery. Do not see much need in smartwatch

  • Kumar Gaurav

    note 3 because i cant afford it that’s why trying a giveaway and i am a samsung fannnn

  • Tabathia

    the note 3 for my mother because she no longer has a cell phone

  • Dying for an Android Phone

    I want the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 the most because I only have a pressing keypad phone…. :(

  • Nachiketa

    galaxy note 3 because i my old mobile is getting slower and i also want the latest technology and i also want a phone with stylus

  • zevah r steres

    the galaxy note 3 my current phone is a dinosaur and i have to wait 2 yrs for a good upgrade :(

  • Emiko Marcy Covert

    It would be an awesome upgrade from my current Galaxy III

  • Isaac Ndavi Kennedy

    i prefer galaxy note 3 because it is one phablet to me samsung geta score of 10/10 with its large screen,great features and most of all i just want to upgrade from my NOKIA X2-01 to what i hope will be my first android phablet since in KENYA symbian is still the norm.

  • Giulia

    love galaxy note 3! It’s so cool!

  • Veronica

    My phone is so old :(!

  • ıZЕLت

    i mostly wanted the NOTE 3 !<3 because i can easily jot down notes ^^, by using the s pen of it and another reason it is the key to unlock all the function of note 3 ^^,

  • Jaff Gabriel

    Galaxy Note 3 because it is simply superb!

  • Alvin Fontanilla

    I adore Samsung Galaxy Note III features and the camera is great!

  • Rjohn Hurgoo Rodriguez

    simply because notelll have it all and i want it all :P

  • Abby

    I want most is samsung note II. Because i love all the features of this gadget.

  • Kisses Marie Pili Lumpas

    I want the LTE 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor and the 3G 1.9 GHz Octa Core Processor.. the best ever phone. Amazing!

  • Arjayssa Reyes

    i want it all! :) The features are great~!

  • Lori

    This is so great. Good luck to all :)

  • April M Morrison

    I am so behind on this stuff that I have no idea. I NEED to join this century! I love to enter sweepstakes, share winnings with friends, and help them win too, but THIS I want for ME!

  • embsweeps

    I want the Note III. I have the Note II and it is awesome!

  • Rhea Liza Lirios Munoz

    I want it because all that I wanted is in here…

  • Iggy

    This would be amazing to win, thank you so much for the opportunity.

  • Argelo N.

    i want this phone because i want to experience this gadgets and its beautiful features. my dream dream Phone

  • slither1004

    NOTE III here. It’s my dream phone. Spare me one please. :)

  • jhessa

    Note 3 because I’ll be in college next year and I think it’s going to help me veryveryvery much :)

  • Sarah Azhezha

    Note III !!! I want it soooo baaaaad >_<

  • Fatima Balaoro

    note 3 is my dream dream phone i can easily to write my notes to my work

  • Reuel Biron Gatong

    note 3 is the best and i really want to have one but i dont have enough money to buy

  • russell david

    I want the galaxy NOTE III coz its working as you have personal laptop. the specs are great yet the price is economical!

  • Guest

    I want the Note III; it is awesome!


    I want the Note III as it is awesome!

  • barifromsd

    Love to win this :) Really want to have one.

  • Jackal Frazor

    Samsung Galaxy Note III because of its best features also the camera and the large screen display.

  • arra carrasco-odeza

    i love the galaxy note III cause the features are awesome. i love its large screen display that would be nice for apps for my daughter

  • Matess Chua

    I’d love to have the Galaxy Note III because of the features. I hope I can win this

  • Sheela Marie Castillo

    Definitely the Note III. I love how they maximize its features and best quality :)

  • Iggy

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity, this would be amazing to have

  • ladymoxie

    Forget the gear, I’d love to get my hands on the Note III itself.

  • Andrea

    I want one of these because I’ve wanted one forever & my current phone is over 2 years old so I could certainly use a new piece of technology.

  • Kuya Jers

    my ultimate dream package! note 3 plus gear! hoping to win so I can have a very merry xmas :)

  • Teachy Jing Vgc

    i want to win so I can give it to my hubby we sold his new lumia 925 because the family needed cash! praying ill win so I can give it to him as a gift and replacement for his beloved phone :)

  • rica

    i want this because I need this in my work. its cool , this must be an early christmas gift if i win,. godbless! im praying to win!

  • Roland Savellano

    I want this to replace my old phone. Thanks for the chance Sisko Tech.. :)

  • Carmina Aguilar

    I want this because it willl be my gift to my mom.. :D


    my dream!

  • Ray Dela Cuesta

    I want a Galaxy Note 3 because it’ll be a perfect device for my lifestyle A production staff, visual artist and engineering student kind of lifestyle. Style, portability and efficiency of this technology are the key factors why i want this device, :D

  • Danilo Berboso

    Galaxy Note III has all the things that I need for a phone and tablet! There’s no other phone like this one. I can’t imagine they have loaded so much features just in one phone. Once I have this, I will not look for anything else.

  • Mary Joy

    I want to win the Galaxy note 3 because i need to my bloggings hobby..

  • mary jane hernandez

    I want Galaxy Note 3,simply because i want it as a gift for myself on my birthday next month.

  • Athufa :)

    I want a Galaxy Note 3, Because it has amazing features that can assist me with my work and sketches. Thanks Sisko for the opportunity <3

  • Mary Louise Sanchez

    I want the Samsung Note 3 to help me with my article readings online and it will be a great help while doing my write-up career and also will be my tech buddy wherever I go! I can still continue my routine and perform my writings on-the-go!

  • leizledemaisip

    I want the note 3 because it helps me with my work.

  • Giovanna Rosace

    I want the note 3 because it’s more powerful!

  • Abdelrahman Yehia

    The Note III, it has more features.

  • Herson

    The Note III, the best phone ever! New features are amazing!

  • Alvin Hipolito

    I want Note III, its my dream to own one! i deserved with all my efforts at work but still i cant afford to have one thats why i joined here!

  • Jessmer Abing

    I want this coz it has an amazing features

  • Sania Akbar

    Samsung Galaxy Note III because of its camera <3

  • Micha Vermaas

    Samsung Galaxy Note III because of the amazing design and it’s power, LOVE IT!!!!

  • Raima Maclid

    Note3 Amazing features and awesome gadget :)

  • Lovely Joy V. Merced

    I want the Galaxy gear so i can sync it with my S4.

  • Victoria Chekanova

    I want the Galaxy Note III cause it’s an amazing device!

  • rica

    simply amazing

  • SZee

    Note III! My phone is extremely at it’s breaking point and I’d love to have a new phone–Samsung Note III at that since I can do a lot of things with it. Take pictures and videos for my blog, take notes for school.. No need for a laptop! PLUS! It doesn’t break easily like Apple.

  • Bidisha Banerjee

    I want the new Galaxy Gear because it has excellent features, great technologies and it is much better than Note – III. I need it to perform all my office works. It is my dream to have this awesome gadget.

  • Giovanni Fiorino

    I want the note 3 because I need a big display for my work

  • Maki Macatangay

    I want the Note 3 because I want to replace my old low tech phone :)

  • Don Edison Kim Bince

    note 3 i love the features and design…

  • Eric Aparri

    I want the Note III because i love phablet :)

  • Arwin Cobar

    I want the Galaxy gear so i can sync it with my S4.

  • Ging Grey

    Note 3 because I really need a new cellphone lol. :D

  • jaear

    My phone broke down on me so I need a new one, I would love to have the Galaxy Note 3

  • Juliana Rocha

    I want the Note III. It’s a dream! *-*

  • Janaima de Guzman

    I really want the NOTE III. Looks super good

  • Nataya A

    NOTE III. Need a bigger and more sophisticated one than my walkman live phone.



  • Miha

    I want the Note III because I want to change my phone.

  • Lena

    The Note III. I need a better phone.

  • Fatima Amitaf

    Note III has all the things I need.. It’s already a package containing laptop and phone.

  • Ionut Leonard Tàranu

    I want the note 3 because it’s more powerful!

  • mirzi

    Note III has the best features and I love the camera.

  • Filomena Germanò

    I want the galaxy note for its bigger display

  • Baldo Sanfilippo

    like and shared

  • Liberty Floro

    I want the Note lll because i don’t have this wonderful and hightech gadgets.

  • johnlorica

    I choose Samsung galaxy note III because I don’t have smart phone yet.

  • mamta

    note. i dont have a smart fone :(

  • Arun

    Note III. I want like big phones but I do like REALLY BIG phones…like NOTE III ;)

  • Jaryl Cunanan

    Of course I’d like both. But I’d like the note more cause its more powerful and useful

  • Kima Cunanan

    I want the Note III because of its unique and unbelievable features. I think its the best one yet!

  • Darlene Alcantara

    I like note III it has a good features and big phones is really required to those who have poor eyesight like me.

  • Ryoko

    I want the galaxy note 3 because i would like to try out a Samsung product. And i want to be able to try out the features this phone has to offer like the Multi Window Mode.
    I would like to be able to see how it feels to be able to use two different applications at the same time side by side and i want a battery that last a long time also.

  • Kendal Barriere

    I would love the Note III because it would be great for note taking and meetings :)

  • Chris Knopff

    The Note III
    Honestly, I don’t wear the watch, and haven’t in eons. My eyesight even has me staring cross-eyed at my current phone at times. I couldn’t see me using the Gear, but then again, only time will tell how it integrates into something useful.

  • C H A R Y 루한

    Hi. I really want to win the Samsung Galaxy Note III. Im still a student, and i don’t have money to buy this kind of gadget. I don’t have a job.. :( But I really wish to have this one please. Hope I’ll win this, fighting!!! <3

  • Agustin John Cabredo II

    I like the samsung galaxy note coz i would like to finally try out a Samsung product. Ive always used apple devices. I also want to be able to try out the Multi Window Mode.

  • Abdul Rehman

    My friend own this and liked this device very much but also i can’t afford to buy one myself so hope to win this. Thanks for the giveaway and the thing i like most is that is able to do multiple tasks and also the power button is of aluminum which makes it more durable.

  • Ancy Bernabe

    I like the new SAMSUNG GALAXY GEAR because it has more features than the SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE III

  • Thrixie Baylon

    i want NOTE III for the win.. i like it better than the gear.

  • Maximizemillion

    I like the new samsung galaxy note 3 because i like samsung and i like rectangular phone XD. The new samsung galaxy note 3 is the combination of both my wishes. samsung galaxy note 3 also have so many cool features especially the superb improvements on the s pen. my old phone is dying but i cant afford a new phone. :/ So plz let me b the winner!!! Thank you very much!!!

  • Mond Andren

    I want too win coz i need one!!! :) thanks for the chance :)

  • Iulia

    I would love to win any one of those two because they are so expensive that I haven`t even touched one !

  • ferdinand_dti

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for me. I can use it in many ways and will make me productive. It can also tells time :-)

  • shelbiejohnston

    I want it forr my Son, his broke and he loved it!

  • marge

    I like the action memo and direct pen input features of the galaxy note 3 + gear.

  • Tamara Regan

    I would love to have the Galaxy Gear because of the vast amount of capabilities that phone has. I have been using an HTC for almost 2 years (previously has a Samsung) and I am ready to go back to a Samsung!!

  • Amaan

    I want the galaxy NOTE 3 because i want to gift it to my dad but i cant buy it.

  • Maximizemillion

    I want the galaxy note 3 because it wants me too XDXDXDXD

  • Amirul Hafiz

    definitely the note 3, why?? its the NOTE 3!! having such a good premium look and damn, the hardware, its the monster in market now!! yet with gear is nothing without the note 3, I’ll definitely go for the Note 3!

  • Argelo N.

    i want to win this Galaxy Note 3 because it has a long battery life. easy to use, great camera, large screen, up to 64gb. perfect for taking a notes

  • Maximizemillion

    I want the ultimately cool note 3 because it can really hhelp me a lot in my life either in studies or making friends ^o^. So plz choose me as the winner! Thank you very much! :D

  • Gerome Ocfemia Nebab

    i want the note 3, since i lost my android gadget, which is a tablet.. it’s better to have a phone in exchange of it. the galaxy note 3 is a very nice phone.

  • Ali Aslam

    I want Note III Because I love it :)

  • Marcel Kupfer

    I want Note III Because I think this is really Hot Stuff

  • Amaan

    Galaxy Note 3 B’cause it is really amazing. perfect to me
    Please……………….! :)

  • Iulia

    All of them are pretty amazing phones !